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Getting Prospects to Take Action

We’ve all been there.  You know how much your prospect needs what you have.  It’s so clear to you.  Why won’t she act?

What is Your Assumption?

Most of us ASSUME that if your proposal makes logical sense to your prospect, the logical conclusion is to act and buy.

But They Don’t Buy

Is it time to question your assumption?  Let’s convert that assumption into a simple equation:

Prospect Need = Immediate Buying Decision

To borrow a term from grade school math, the absolute value of that equation is zero.  Have you been working with this assumption?

What if you changed it.  The reality is that even if a purchase was completely rational, it takes more than having a need.

The Four Hurdles


There are four hurdles your prospect must clear before a purchase will be made.

  1. Need: They must have a NEED that you can fulfill
  2. Timing: Their need must have enough urgency to induce action
  3. Money: They must have the money or funding to pay
  4. Decision Making Authority: You must be communicating with someone who has the authority to make a decision

The Emotional Part of Buying Decisions

Gas Sign
In Search of Empty Tanks Only

Assuming that all four hurdles are cleared, remember that there is an emotional component to every buying decision.  If you’ve ever over procrastinated in your purchase of gasoline, you’ll be reminded of the fear factor of repeating that mistake.

So you can be so smart that you assume that your prospect NEEDS it and therefore gets it.  Or you can find a way to help her feel, understand and remember why she WANTS it.

Needs are rational.  Wants are emotional.  If you ignore the emotional in your fact finding process, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Too Smart

Don’t be so smart that believe you know why the purchase should be important to your prospects and therefore neglect to ask about their emotional motives.  Asking allows them to think about their own emotional triggers.  If they don’t really understand WHY they WANT to buy, they probably won’t.

What are you doing do improve your skills to discover their wants?