Client Success Stories

What our participants are saying about their results...

“35% of our current backlog we can directly attribute to our work with you.”

“The management team was concerned because one of our largest annual jobs was being scaled back by ½ which meant losing roughly $14k in December. Thanks to the amazing Mr. Lemanski and the goal worksheet, I have achieved a personal AND business goal by replacing the income with a project that will also be annual to the tune of $16.5k. The best part of this story is that the income is coming from the same firm – just a different location and sub client.”

 “Thanks. I’m doing well in a bad economy. I’ve surpassed the goal of getting four new customers in a month. It’s hard to convince the customer of the advantages of using us. Most only look at the (price) when comparing riggers. But, there are some intelligent people out there. And when I find ‘em: I get ’em!”

 “Tom brings a practical, insightful approach to business development and consulting. Tom’s focused assessments and creative recommendations are a valuable resource for any company and produce measurable results.”

Thank You

“It’s continuing to help me… I just got my best commission check in a long time, if not the best ever. Then I followed that up with another check the following week that’s added up to over $10,000 for just two weeks.” “(I’ve developed skills) that I would have never given a thought to before.” “I have changed my entire approach to my prospects. I am much better prepared and more effective.” “Speaking of success, we got two jobs yesterday that I can honestly attribute to the method you have taught. With more opportunities, my success can only improve. Thanks!”

“My referrals from health care professionals have increased from zero per month to eight!”

I rate the program a 10 out of 10.  I have definitely increased my average in getting information from gatekeepers and getting through to suspects.

“The most valuable part was learning and applying ways to help our prospects and not sell them. The ideas keep you positive and focused.” “Before completion, we were well on our way toward our goal of acquiring 10 new accounts by year end. We now know it’s possible and what we need to do.”

To respect the privacy and time of our past clients, their names are withheld. We will provide names and contact information upon request.