Our collection of the best reads that apply to consultative B-2-B Selling.

  The Demise of Dysfunctional Selling and the Advent of Helping Clients Succeed.  Written for those who sell consulting or other professional services.       

 Research based study of sales process.  S.P.I.N. is an acronym for a “mental model” for asking engaging questions that help prospects to discover their needs, wants and motives for taking action.   By Neil Rackham    

 A brilliant look at the ways that selling has evolved as the internet has created “information parity“.  – Daniel Pink

The title is somewhat misleading. Not a tactical book on selling. Rather a personal development approach to improving you as a sales person. – Michael St. Lawrence & Steve Johnson  

A must read for all sales people who are challenged by buyer price resistance. 
– Lawrence L. Steinmetz & William T. Brooks

VITO is an acronym for very important top officer. The author analyzes the CEO mindset and shares tactics for connecting with VITOs.

Antony Parinello


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