Our Coaches

Tom Lemanski  - Certified Business Coach

Over the past 18 years, Tom has facilitated breakthroughs for sales people and executives in over 60 different industries. Tom’s experience as both an accomplished top executive and business change agent formed the foundation for his coaching career.

Tom’s 13 years of coaching experience is preceded by selling manufacturing services and consumer goods to mass market retailers.

Tom approaches his coaching engagements with a focused, results-orientated mindset and a tireless commitment to assuring his clients’ success. He is inherently analytic, highly articulate with a unique ability to sort and simplify complex details of interpersonal, organizational and operational issues. He is an insightful, empathetic listener with a utilitarian mindset. Tom draws insight from having been there and done that, as an officer and business owner in three diverse industries.

This diverse experience provides him with a unique ability to develop innovative, out-of-box solutions. His talent, enthusiastic style and depth of business savvy combine for an inspiring personal development experience that has proven to generate significant improved results and achievements for his clients.

Bill V

Bill Voigt -  Sales Communication Specialist


Bill’s professional mission is to help individuals and organizations excel through improved interpersonal communications. His sales coaching results in more collaborative and engaged environments.

Bill’s experience includes almost three decades of using innovative and strategic communication and team-building methods toward improving organizational development in various software and technology companies using The Gordon Method of collaborative communication, which focuses on identifying and developing solutions organizational-specific communication issues.  Bill uses those core principles for his sales training.