Chicago Sales Coaching

We believe that selling should be something you do with someone, rather than to someone.

So we help Chicago area business-to-business sales professionals to develop the skills, attitudes, and focus to support an integrity driven, collaborative sales process. 

Sales Coaching and Sales Training for a Predictable, Repeatable Sales Process

By definition, a process is a sequence of steps that leads to a desired outcome. As we seek solutions to sales improvement challenges, the answers are found in making methodical improvements in sales functions.  Are your sales predictable and repeatable?  Or random?

You’re Invited

As you seek help with sales coaching and sales training we invite you to explore the resources on this site. If you believe that we’re a potential fit for your needs, it’s easy to connect. Simply click the red button below to sample an effective, no-pressure sales experience.

Our Solutions for Improving Your Sales Results

A customized professional development experience designed to enhance sales skills, attitudes, habits and focus. 

Sales Talent Selection

All sales positions are not created equal. Avoid costly hiring mistakes with multi-science talent assessments.

Can your sales force effectively articulate “why”your prospects should buy from you? Or, are you sending your troops into battle armed with a wink, a smile and an order pad?

A comprehensive analysis of your skills, style and strengths combined with professional coaching to enhance your rapport-building skills and significantly improve your results.

Turning your super-producers into supervisors without first providing the necessary new skills can be a recipe for failure. Help assure a successful transition for promoted sales managers.

Our Clients' Results