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Interviewing and reference checks are an important part of preliminary hiring decisions. However they are inherently biased. How do you know how candidates really stack up in the skills that will determine their success for your situation?

Hand ShakeOur Sales Strategy Index is an objective analysis of an individual’s understanding of the strategies required to sell successfully in any sales environment. It essentially answers the question, “Can this person sell?” Like any profession, selling has a body of knowledge related to its successful execution. It is this knowledge that the Sales Strategy Index measures.

Although dealing with the issue of whether a person can or cannot sell is an essential component in predicting or improving sales success, it is certainly not the only one required for optimum sales performance. Behavior, attitude, and personal interests and values are other areas to consider.

Understanding effective sales strategy can help lead you to success as long as you can implement it. However, just knowing it is not enough, you must utilize what you know.

This report provides feedback on sales strengths and weaknesses and allows you to develop a plan to overcome your weaknesses. Knowledge of ones’ strengths and weaknesses, along with a desire to be the best you can be, and to target areas for professional sales growth.

Key Components

If you had a way to learn skills competencies before hiring, would you be more likely to find star performers?

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