Sales Manager Development

In most organizations, the position of sales manager is filled by rewarding a strong sales producer with a promotion to a sales management position. In effect, we take a super-producer and instantly make them a supervisor without understanding the difference in skill sets of the two positions. How often do we see this fail? What can be done to assure the success?

Management over the last quarter century has taken on many new and complex dimensions, and this trend is likely to continue. Advancing technology has created new and exciting possibilities in every organization. Progress creates challenge, and the challenge facing management today is: developing an organization that can meet tomorrow’s goals while continuing to meet the daily challenges of today. To balance these organizational demands, managers need a systematic approach to their jobs. They need Management Development.

Sales Manager Training

Management Development involves the what and how of training and understanding the why of a situation. The result is managers who are working because they want to and because they understand why and how they are essential to the organization’s goals. These managers know that the goals can be achieved, obstacles can be overcome and problems can be solved.

This program makes Management Development not only possible, but eminently profitable. Individually, each manager reflects the behavior and attitude of a goal-directed manager. Collectively they form a powerful force that literally assures the achievement of corporate goals.

Key Areas:

  •  The Manager as a Leader
  •  Goal Setting for Success
  •  Your Action Plan
  •  Confidence
  •  Work Environment and Motivation
  •  Decision Making
  •  Management Communications and Human Relations
  •  Managing Your Time Use -Developing Subordinates Through Goal Setting
  •  Dealing with Negative Behavior

The Results are Measurable

  •  Cohesive, energized teams
  •  Reduced turnover
  • Improved organizational profits
  • Developed and sustained corporate values
  • Professional expectations accomplished
  • Increased market share.
  • Accelerated achievement of measurable goals