The Five Dreaded Words: How Do You Respond?


What are the Five Most Dreaded Words in Sales? If you sell for a living, you are destined to hear the Five Dreaded Words. “Your price is too high.” Many of us are hearing these five dreaded words more frequently in a challenging economy. In some cases, we’re lucky if we hear them at all […]

Prospects’ Two Biggest First Meeting Phobias


It is rare that a business-to-business transaction can be closed without an in-person meeting. The more complex the sale, the more meetings are needed to reach a conclusion. And without the first meeting, there’s little or no hope of doing business. Even with an introduction, initial meetings can be elusive. Why? Prospects’ Unspoken Fears A […]

And you want to be my latex salesman


Classic Costanza Seinfeld fans will remember the line that Jerry delivered to George as he ran from the washroom with his pants at his ankles in a futile effort to accept a verification phone call from the unemployment office. He had claimed to have applied for a sales job at latex manufacturer, Vanedlay Industries. All […]

Call Reports for Manufacturers’ Reps: A Deal Breaker?

Rep Report Overload

Working with independent manufacturers reps can be an extremely effective and risk free way to generate sales for a product line.  However the operative word in their title is independent.  Ignoring this aspect of the relationship and expecting to these folks to behave like your employees is a major mistake. Requiring written call reports is […]

The Forgotten Customer


Who Are Our Customers? Whether we call them clients, guests, members or patients, they are our Customers. They’re the ones who write us checks that we use to pay our bills and salaries. We compete daily to acquire them and maintain their loyalty. Who Else? It could also be stated that we continuously compete to […]