Comfort Guarantee

For our skills development process.  If you’re not comfortable, we work for free.

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the quality or effectiveness of our development processes, simply contact us at any time before the fourth session and tell us why. We’ll make things right or we’ll happily offer a refund less material costs.

We are confident this will be one of the most enjoyable and effective engagements you and your employees will experience. While we have not yet been asked for a refund, we remain open to the notion that our approach is not for everyone by offering a comfortable escape option. We can not build our reputation for helping others to establish and adhere to core values without maintaining our own.

Client Conditions:

  1. Comply with the agreed upon payment terms.
  2. Commit fully to the process by doing the assigned work and patiently allowing it to work.
  3. If after four sessions, you don’t feel you can significantly improve your results by continuing, we discus why. If we can’t resolve your issues, we provide a refund less predetermined material costs.