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Real Sales Opportunities: The Four Critical Qualities

How much time to you spend pursuing opportunities that never come to fruition.  What if you could avoid the potential ...
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When Being Smart is Stupid

Getting Prospects to Take Action We've all been there.  You know how much your prospect needs what you have.  It's ...
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Rose Colored Glasses

So You’re Sayin’ There’s a Chance!

Sales people have a common, frequent fear: Losing the Sale.  They go to great measures to keep their deals alive ...
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Hand Shake

Determining Sales Skills Competencies

Interviewing and reference checks are an important part of preliminary hiring decisions. However they are inherently biased. How do you ...
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Gun Salesman

I Don’t Have Time To See Some Crazy Salesman

Decision Makers Have Always had Gate Keepers Your project or service may be a potential game changer. But you still ...
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Selling Ice to Eskimos: Not all it’s Cracked Up to Be

Old World Selling There was an old saying about the prototypical star salesperson. He can sell ice cubes to Eskimos. ...
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Buying Decision

Order Takers vs. Influencers

Sales Job Titles In all walks of business, there are sales people. There are some sales-phobic, mathematically challenged folks who ...
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1st Commandment of Selling

The First Commandment of Selling

Are you Puking on Your Prospects? We all understand the act of regurgitation.  I'm referring to the metaphor that means ...
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Identifying Potential Star Sales Performers

New, Groundbreaking Research on the Attributes of Top Sales Performers I've heard various theories and opinions. Some companies use DISC ...
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The Five Dreaded Words: How Do You Respond?

What are the Five Most Dreaded Words in Sales? If you sell for a living, you are destined to hear ...
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